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Designers: Olcar Alcaide
Design date: 2012
Publisher: Eurotypo

Lenga is a kind of beech originally from South America.

The explorers who discovered this beech in Tierra del Fuego, thought it looked like a tree from their home country and named it ‘Lenga’. Like many of southern hemisphere beeches, the Lenga beech is fast growing and hardy, making it an ideal timber tree. It regenerates easily after fires. The wood has good quality, moderate durable, and easy to work.

The Lenga fonts were inspired in the nobility, robustness and flexibility of those trees. They have a distinctive personality within contemporary atmosphere.

These fonts are quite appropriate for headlines, subheadings and with its text flow works very well for long texts. Their legibility is suitable for editorial purposes mainly in newspapers and magazines.

Lenga comes in 16 styles carefully done in OpenType format. All styles contain standard and discretional ligatures, proportional lining figures, lining old style figures, scientific superior/inferior figures. The complete set supports Western European, Central and Eastern European languages.

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