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available in all of the styles:
Any OpenType Features Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro Ligatures Small Caps Central Europe Turkish OpenType Alternates Dingbats & Symbols

only available in some of the styles:
OpenType Swash

Designers: Olcar Alcaide
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Eurotypo

Fiesole was inspired by calligraphic models; it is a bookface font family to be used for text, display and caption.

Fiesole has three different lengths of items (ascenders-descenders). Old style figures have been included in the fonts. Spacing of Small Caps has been adjusted to obtain good legibility and integrity with Capitals and lower cases.

Fiesole Text: Two weights.
Fiesole Display: Two weights.
Fiesole Caption: Five weights.

They include also CE languages, swashes, small caps, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, alternates, old style figures and case sensitive forms.

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100217 99836 100229 100230 100240 100241

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