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available in all of the styles:
Basic Latin/English letters

only available in some of the styles:
Any OpenType Features West European diacritics Euro Ligatures Small Caps Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian OpenType Alternates OpenType Contextual Other OpenType Dingbats & Symbols

Designers: Marcus Sterz
Design date: 2013
Publisher: FaceType

The grotesque workhorse: Substance, the new typeface designed by Marcus Sterz, fulfills the primary role of emphasizing content. Containing 8 weights + italics (800+ glyphs each) Substance is a workhorse with loads of subtle OpenType features (small caps, a choice of lining, tabular and old style figures, numerators, denominators, tabular figures and signs, fractions, ligatures), 21 currency signs and a diversity of symbols and arrows. Substance provides everything you need for demanding briefs like signage or corporate design.

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113534 122485 114775 114285 114277 114105 113533 113983 113536

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