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The future of design is Flat, and for Flat Design, you need a flat typeface. This typeface is actually called Flat Sans, so it’s a no-brainer really!

Flat Sans is a grotesque with humanist leanings, clean and contemporary in appearance. Its large range of weights are designed with versatility in mind; you can set highly legible copy or use loud and proud at display sizes.

Stylistic sets make key decisions yours. Double storey a and g are default in both Roman and Italic styles, but you can switch to single storey versions if you prefer, and there are two alternate forms of y available too. Stylistic variants of uppercase I and lowercase l designed to be less ambiguous are also included in all styles. An alternate Q completes the arsenal.

Designed for demanding typography, supporting most Latin-based languages, Flat Sans is equipped with true small caps for all weights, an array of numeral styles (proportional- and tabular- lining and oldstyle figures, small cap figures, superscripts and subscripts/scientific inferiors), automatic fractions, a set of useful arrows, case sensitive forms, superior lowercase letters, and a range of currency symbols including recent additions: Turkish Lira, Indian Rupee and Russian Ruble.

Flat Sans also features a handful of useful Greek characters for scientific writing.

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