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Xyngia is a professional modern sans serif typeface. Thanks to its excellent legibility it is a great choice both for on-screen use as well as print purposes.

Xyngia is designed for use in long and short paragraphs of text, headlines and user interfaces. Its design nuances gives it distinctive character making it an interesting option for brand identification and logo design.

Xyngia consists of 22 fonts – 11 weights and their corresponding italics. It has extended language support (over 1000 glyphs) and true italics, as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as small caps, case sensitive forms, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, contextual alternates, lining, oldstyle, tabular and small cap figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

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192065 192063 192061 192068 192066 192064 192070 192069

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