Unpack (35% discount, family 18,19€)

35% off until Mar 20

available in all of the styles in this family:
Basic Latin/English letters

only available in some of the styles in this family:
Any OpenType Features  West European diacritics  Euro  Central Europe  Baltic  Turkish  Romanian  OpenType Contextual

Unpack is a soft and inviting face. It is available in two cuts, upright and slanted, both all-caps with 2 options for each letter for a nice uneven organic look. The family counts also with a picture font, loaded with some handy extras like banners, stars and ornaments.

This versatile family fits greatly many usages. Type some food name and you’ll get hungry, type a toy and you’ll want to play. Don’t believe it? You don’t even need to unpack it to try!

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