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Designed by Olivier Gourvat in December 2015, Univia Pro is a new contemporary OpenType font family with modernity and versatility in mind. Distinctive with its pleasant look extremely modern, Univia Pro have a lot of personalty mostly achieved by smooth curves and round corners that forms a very identical style of the entire family.
Univia Pro is perfect both for display and text use and due to its ultra modern look, it is more than excellent for e-books, web-sites, user interface font, mobile apps etc. The Univia Pro font family is heavily equipped with OpenType features: case sensitive, scientific superiors and inferiors, standard ligatures, old style, lining figures, proportional and tabular figures, slashed zeros, stylistic sets. It also provides broad language support. The font family offers 18 variations (9 weights plus italics): Thin, Thin Italic, Ultra Light, Ultra Light Italic, Light, Light Italic Book, Book Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic, Ultra and Ultra Italic.
Univia Pro supports Latin, Extended latin and Cyrillic languages.

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