TyfoonSans (75% discount, family 32,75€)

Designers: Hanneke Classen
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Fontforecast

TyfoonSans is a clear, modern, versatile font family of six weights plus matching italics, excellently suited for both display and text. It is designed by Fontforecast in 2013. A very complete character set supports a wide range of languages. OpenType features such as five numeral styles, fractions and both standard and discretionary ligatures, make TyfoonSans well equipped for professional typography.

In addition to the design possibilities of TyfoonSans, there is TyfoonScript, a handwritten family of three weights built on the same metrics. When combining TyfoonSans and TyfoonScript, design possibilities become endless. Two font families that blend perfectly and are always found in successive order in your font list thanks to their family name.

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