9d1944f2054e5ba9b48a95bc6f1d7840 580x290 - TT Directors (85% discount, from 4,35€)

TT Directors (85% discount, from 4,35€)

85% off until Mar 4

available in all of the styles in this family:
Basic Latin/English letters  Euro  Cyrillic

only available in some of the styles in this family:
West European diacritics  Central Europe  Baltic  Turkish  Romanian

Blockbusters, posters, titles and movie trailers – now we have created the perfect fontfamily for this. Directors – a high-quality fontfamily which is designed specifically for cinephiles and directors. Condensed style contains five most popular typefaces: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Italics.

Posters, movies, titles, scripts, film, comedy, action, Hollywood, logos, interior design, infographics, display, headline, decorative, geometric, books, educational literature, textbooks

Optimized for the websites, mobile applications, and printing materials.

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