12775d2a4498f0ec748a4beed90e5ad2 580x290 - Transmogrifier (30% discount, 19,59€)

Transmogrifier (30% discount, 19,59€)

Designers: Ricardo MarcinErica Jung
Design date: 2010
Publisher: PintassilgoPrints

Inspired on Cuban posters by the talented and prolific graphic artist Eduardo Muñoz Bachs, Transmogrifier was hand painted with a thin brush, using loose, fast strokes.

This font is packed with lots of contextual and stylistic alternates that automatically transmogrifies the letters as you write, when using opentype savvy programs.

It’s also possible to pick the alternates by hand and set the text the way you like better. The choice is yours, and there are really plenty of alternates to choose from and create original handlettered-looking designs.

The font also brings a rough set of pictures based in charcoal sketches from Shniedewend & Lee Company, 1888. These were painted with the same thin brush as the letters, making it a natural complement.
So let the transmogrification begin!

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