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Tramuntana 1 Pro was inspired by the late Renaissance and Mannerist spirit and it was designed by Ricardo Santos during 2009 for his Master in Advanced Typography (Eina-Barcelona). This project was also inspired by Robert Granjon, Garamond and Sabon typefaces. The name tramuntana (Tramontane) is the Catalonian word for the cold wind that comes from the Pyrenees mountains and goes as far as the Balearic Islands. It was designed for editorial proposes (books and magazines). This typeface family contains different font versions for different optical sizes, caption, text, subhead and display, all of them with different x-height proportions and contrast. The serifs are asymmetrical and the letterforms have geometric modulated strokes which simulates the calligraphic variations. Its design approach gives a dynamic feeling, contributing to text flow and continuous reading. The kerning has been optimized for Baltic languages and Western, Southern, and Central European languages.

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