Tita Script (30% discount, from 5,59€)

a4c9d7cf284e7ad241857cecfbe5aeea - Tita Script (30% discount, from 5,59€)

30% off until Nov 4

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Tita is for my grandmother Hebe. Arrabalera, impertinent. It refers to letters of milonga, which have become the lettering Buenos Aires. He imagines in Paris at the Moulin Rouge. On. Funny. Amorosa. Evokes Tita Merello, and my grandmother singing. Argentina to the core. To say shot and caramel … passionately !. Her curves play with the polyrhythm of gestural calligraphy that my teacher taught me, Silvia Cordero Vega. Script Tita Tita now, because it’s pedigree.

Tita arises manual lettering and calligraphy Sandra Biondi, digitization and transfer to Typography is performed by Daniel Hernandez.

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