Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)

118306 800x400 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)

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available in all of the styles:
cblock f11167 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)

only available in some of the styles:
cblock f0389 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f10139 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f14142 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f17108 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f3092 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f3178 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f3286 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f3375 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f5053 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f5130 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00) cblock f6348 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)

Designers: Pilar Cano
Design date: 2006
Publisher: Letterjuice

Techarí comes from a commission in which the brief consisted of the creation of a typeface family to be used for the design of the third disc of the band called Ojos de Brujo based in Barcelona. This disc was called Techarí, which means “free” in Caló, the language of the Spanish gypsies.

The starting point of the design was the music of this band, the meaning of the disc ‘s name, and three words given by the band as key concepts: ethnic, baroque and graffiti. Techarí is a mixture of lots of influences, which give it its unique personality.
From its technical viewpoint designing Techarí was a challenge, on the one hand it had to have lots of personality, and on the other it had to work in text at 9 or 10 pt size. Its goal is precisely that, while keeping a strong personality it works in text size.

The typeface also contains a Stencil version for use in display sizes which keeps Techarí’s innovative spirit. The way it has been “cut” is unconventional, it has been carefully done to keep the freshness of the typeface by taking advantage of the letterforms’ flow. Techarí extra complements the typeface by taking a classical typographic form, the ornament, and making it a contemporary graphic tool, vindicating this wonderful typographic element.

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118308 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)118307 - Techari (20% discount, from $24.00)

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