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Designers: Gugum Gumpita Rahayu
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Absolut Foundry

Built in 1930 – 1935 by Dutch architect Wolff Schoemaker, the Swarha Islamic Building was originally used as a lodging for the honoured guest country and the journalists for Asia-Africa Conference in 1955. This building has an important role as one of Bandung historical art deco heritage, with the art deco typefaces styles on it’s singage in this building, giving it a more classic west and east taste.

Wolff Schoemaker was trying to combine the elements between eastern and western culture in design. One of his works was the Swarha Islamic Building in a circular design with rounded and high dynamic angle.

Unfortunately the Swarha Islamic Building has been abandoned and and less attentioned by the local people itself to preserve this historic building. So I’m trying to raise the value of the historical heritage by creating this typefaces.

This typefaces was inspired by the Swarha Building characteristic itself with its solid construction and dynamic, by adding classic taste on each characters. Available in two styles, Neue and Rounded represents the classic architectural Swarha Islamic Building styles with tropical Bandung Art Deco taste.

This typeface is highly usable as a display type for your designs, and will fit with movie titles, magazines, your classic shops logo and signage designs, or you can use this typefaces as your web pages headlines.

The characters of this typefaces are only in uppercase style, but it built with small caps on the lowercase featured, and additional Opentype Features were loaded, some stylistic alternates, accessible catchwords in the discretionary ligatures, and standard ligatures.

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