Supra Classic (50% discount, from 12 €)

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Designers: Gert Wiescher
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Wiescher Design

»SupraClassic« – designed by Gert Wiescher in 2014 – has 10 weights with corresponding italic cuts.
The design has elegant contrast in the up- and downstrokes which makes for better legibility and personality. The dominant x-height with its high ascenders make for easy reading of long copy. The heavy and x-light weights are great for elegant headlines.
»SupraClassic« is an OpenType family for distinctive professional typography with an extended character set of over 700 glyphs and extensive kerning. It supports more than 40 Central- and Eastern-European as well as many Western languages. Ligatures, different figures, fractions, currency symbols and small caps can be found in all cuts.

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