Stymie Complete Family Pack (74% discount, $49/€49) is offering all six fonts from the Stymie™ family for over 70% off! Normally $189, until July 9th at 10pm (EDT) be one of the first 350 customers to purchase and you’ll receive the light, medium, bold, black, medium condensed, and bold condensed styles of the family at the deeply discounted price of only $49/€49.

A solid slab serif design by Morris Fuller Benton, the Stymie family has a versatile voice—a generous x-height provides its lighter weights a friendly demeanor, while the stout letterforms of its bold and black weights command attention. This family is a workhorse too, suitable for publication, packaging, or identity design alike.

Again, that’s all six fonts from the Stymie family for over 70% off the regular price—buy now before this limited time offer expires or sells out!

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