Stanzer (60% discount, from 11,20€)

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Designers: Igor LabudovicMichael Hager
Design date: 2012
Publisher: FaceType

Stanzer is an interpretation of wood type combined with the idea of modern stencils. Instead of cutting every letter, we are presenting an example of how a modern stencil typeface could look like, as we have come to the conclusion that almost every letter works without cutting it. Stanzer is a Unicase typeface, available in three OpenType weights: Black, Shadow and Block.

Stanzer first started as part of our diploma 2010 (it was called Stanley at that time). The basic idea behind this typeface is that it is fully stencil usable, and, unlike other stencil fonts, does not require any bridges (except for the O and Q). Almost every letter can be sprayed without inserting planks. However, Stanzer also offers the display weight Block, which is only suitable for print or online usage.

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