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Designers: Jan Dominik GillichAlisa Nowak
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Fontyou

Sperling FY is a geometric and condensed high contrast font, characterized by its long vertical serifs. Its big i-dot as well as some other deliberately naive disproportions like the W are wonderful signs to identify Sperling FY. The accompanying italic style illustrates well designed creative forms like the k or the z.
Due to its good legibility in small size, you can use it for editorial texts like in magazines. You can also take great pleasure by using it in poster size.
Sperling FY comes out in roman and italic, each style from Regular to Black.

Sperling FY was co-created by Jan Dominik Gillich & Alisa Nowak on co-create.fontyou.com, the first collaborative type foundry.

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