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Basic Latin/English letters Euro Ligatures Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian

Design date: 2013
Publisher: ArtyType

The ‘Somatype’ range has expanded further with this latest addition to the collection, titled SomaSlab. Although the basic letterforms are the same as in the generic Somatype family, the introduction of slab-serifs to appropriate characters has transformed the typeface into something new, creating a completely different styling in the process and striking a pleasing balance between classic & contemporary styles.

The fishtail and curved serifs on certain characters also introduces a unique quirkiness, making SomaSlab stand out alongside most classic slab serif fonts. Some alternative characters are available too, together with an extended Latin glyph set, allowing users a variable choice and great versatility for text settings.

SomaSlab comes in both Regular & Slanted styles, each in 4 practical weights, providing plenty of flexibility on any creative project.

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