Sintesi Sans (40% discount, from 20,39€)

40% off until Apr 15

Designers: Filippo Salmina
Design date: 2012
Publisher: FSdesign-Salmina

Sintesi Sans. Sans meets serif.

Are you looking for a robust, contemporary but nonetheless an elegant font? Sintesi Sans might be exactly what you are looking for.

Sintesi Sans builds together with Sintesi (SemiSerif) and Sintesi SemiSans an extended family. However each of the three member of the Sintesi-family accomplish the «synthesis» between Sans and Serif on its own way.

Sintesi Sans scores because of its readability, robustness and contemporary style. It is a true Sans Serif and therefore really flexible, universally applicable especially as a body text font and in a broad number of other applications. Worth mentioning is the particularly slim «Extrathin» style, which elegance is not to be outbalanced. Thanks to the good readability and the wide set of styles and glyphs, Sintesi Sans suits to a wide spectrum of applications.

Download a free trial package of the extended family with a reduced character set – check it out!

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