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Basic Latin/English letters

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Designers: Filippo Salmina
Design date: 2010
Publisher: FSdesign-Salmina

Sans meets serif.

You would like to express tradition by using a contemporary font? Sintesi might be exactly what you are looking for.
Sintesi stands for synthesis: the unification of serif and sans-serif into a contemporary font, which surprises with different facets depending on its application.
In copy size Sintesi performs like a sans-serif. It is a compact and well readable font that fulfills all requirements of modern digital media.
In larger sizes, Sintesi unfolds its traditional character. Now, its strong contrast and the perceptible feather-ductus stand out clearly, as we appreciate it in a historical old style face.
Sintesi is completed by a suitable italic. Its cursive character has more to do with writing-speed than to moderate inclination. Therefore Sintesi may be well-suited for many other purposes, not only for emphasis.
The whole font family consists of 20 styles and offers a wide range of Western and Eastern European special characters, typographical ligatures, uppercase, oldstyle and fraction figures.
Sintesi (Serif) builds together with Sintesi Semi and Sintesi Sans an extended family.
Start combining antiquity with modernity!
Download a free trial version of Sintesi with a reduced character set. Check it out!

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