bc3bcf55890087daa466e5b73c139af6 580x290 - Sica Expanded (40% discount, from 13,79€)

Sica Expanded (40% discount, from 13,79€)

40% off until Mar 12

The Sica Family was designed in order to address issues related to technology, while maintaining humanistic forms. Thus, a font with square shapes emerged, but with smooth curves and slightly rounded terminals making it friendly. The family has three widths – condensednormal and expanded – each of them with six weights and their respective italics, resulting in 36 fonts. With particular details and open shapes that increase legibility, it can be used for both text compositions as well for display sizes. It has 774 glyphs, covering more than 50 languages, as well as ligatures, lining, oldstyle, tabular and proportional figures, fractions, superiors, inferiors, and small caps, all of them accessible through OpenType features.

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