Sharik Sans (75% discount, family 50,75€)

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available in all of the styles:
Any OpenType Features Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro Ligatures Small Caps Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian OpenType Alternates Other OpenType Dingbats & Symbols

only available in some of the styles:
OpenType Contextual

Designers: Michał Jarociński
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Dada Studio

Sharik Sans (named after the brave and smart dog-hero from my favorite TV series) has a warm and gentle personality. It does not shout; it does not stand out. Sharik serves his master in everyday work.

Although it is a sans serif, you can feel a calligrapher’s touch in its subtle details and endings. They shine out, especially at display sizes.

The family consists of nine weights plus matching italics. It meets most of the needs designers deal with on a daily basis, including web usage.

It is stuffed up with various OpenType features such as small capitals, a wide set of numerals, fractions, ordinals, alternates, and, of course, ligatures.

And it perfectly harmonises with my other serif-like typeface family Clavo.

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