Rleud (75% discount, from 0€)

Designers: Stawix Ruecha
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Stawix

Finally in 2014 “RLEUD” [Pronounced Loyd] is now finished and ready for your design. It was started in 2012 by using DIN as inspiration with the mood of industrial design and combination of humanist style from Dax. The idea is to make this a multifunction font be used in any situation such as digital device and print matter, even headline or small text on the page. This is an answer for your need and you don’t have to spend on other fonts for a while.

RLEUD Font is a family of 160 fonts: 10 weights with small caps set and their italics and 4 widths (Normal, Condensed, Narow and Extended). Opentype features include styling alternate letters and Tabular function for numbers, more ligatures and a very special 4 weights demo for free.

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