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Designers: Dave Rowland
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Schizotype

This is Range Sans, the sans-serif counterpart to Range Serif. It can be categorized as a grotesque, with the idiosyncratic angular details from the serif family making themselves known in the arches and bowls of the lower case. The range of weights is larger than Range Serif, with two more weights at the lighter end of the spectrum. The weights from light to black correspond to their seriffed sisters, so can be interchanged with them freely while maintaining a similar text color and vertical metrics. This is useful for adding emphasis; Range Sans is deliberately lacking an italic, but the italics from Range Serif work better than you might expect in running text, particularly for the light and regular weights.
Range Sans has a contemporary, somewhat geometric look that lends itself to uses such as corporate identities, minimalist graphic design, and logos. The middle weights do work well in running text, however, with the angled details being less noticeable at small sizes.
Designed for demanding typography, supporting most Latin-based languages, Range Sans is equipped with true small caps for all weights, an array of numeral styles (proportional- and tabular- lining and oldstyle figures, small cap figures, numerators, denominators, superscripts and subscripts/scientific inferiors), automatic fractions, a set of useful arrows, case sensitive forms, and a range of currency symbols including recent additions: Turkish Lira, Indian Rupee and Russian Ruble.

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