PiS LIETZ Lindham (50% discount, 15€)

50% off until Oct 18

Designers: Hannes Siengalewicz
Design date: 2008
Publisher: PiS

LIETZ Lindham is based on letters taken from an old type specimen folder from 1936 featuring handdrawn sans-serif ABC’s. It’s kinda bauhausy and straight but also shows the wonderful lively unevenness of hand-drawn letters.

Being made for the use in large-scale advertisements and posters, LIETZ Lindham fits perfectly for pro-communist propaganda posters, but also features legibility in smaller sizes, so you can use it for your Neue Typographie manifesto too, Jan.

Go grotesk! Go bold! Go neu!

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122299 122298 122297 122296 122295

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