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Designers: Satya Rajpurohit
Design date: 2012-2013
Publisher: Indian Type Foundry

Pilcrow Soft is a Latin-script sans serif family. Its design is simple and utilitarian, similar to forms found on street and highway signs around the world – or in-use on cast-metal lettering for industrial products. The fonts are available in two versions: straight-cornered and rounded. While the normal Pilcrow fonts have sharp corners at their stroke terminals, Pilcrow Soft’s have been filed down. Pilcrow and Pilcrow Soft each include five weights: Regular through Heavy. In keeping with the design’s mechanical nature, the family does not include Italics, as Pilcrow’s style of letter fits better with typographic hierarchies using contrasting weights to define emphasis, whereas Italics use slants or a cursive stroke pattern.

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