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Designers: Paulo WEdmund Fry
Design date: 2010
Publisher: Intellecta Design

available in all of the styles:
Basic Latin/English letters

only available in some of the styles:
OpenType Contextual

Pantographia Collection is a Intellecta digitization, in facsimile style, without artistical interpretation of any kind, of the work of Edmund Fry (monumental book), Pantographia, a work on languages containing over 200 alphabets. We just are collecting in digital way these alphabets. Each alphabet has a short pdf description (see in the gallery). For example, in the pdf brochure of the “Saracen One” font, according to Edmund Fry,

“This characters, according to Theseus Ambrosius, was used by the Saracens at the time of their conquests. Claude Duret, p. 475.” Ambrosius, Theseus: Introductio in Chaldaicam lingua, Syriaca, atque Armenicam, [et] dece*. – 1539. Theseus Ambrosius or AMBROGIO, was an Italian orientalist, which born in 1469, and died in 1539 – He wrote his Introduction to the Chaldean, Syrian, Armenian, and ten other tongues, with the alphabetical characters of about forty different languages, 4to.”

The Pantographia font have only the original characters showed in Fry’s book. There are instructions in the PDF files to get them. These fonts have no philological (or linguistic) academic pretentions. They are digitized and faithful versions of the original, like first published at Fry’s book.

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