Noa™ Basic Family Value Pack (80% discount, $49/€49) is offering six fonts from the Noa™ family for over 80% off! Normally $292, until 11:50 PM (EDT) on November 26th be one of the first 300 customers to purchase and you’ll receive the complete family for just $49/€49! This offer includes the light, regular, and bold weights of the Noa collection, along with their matching oblique companions.

Fonts in this product
Noa™ Com Light
Noa™ Com Light Oblique
Noa™ Com Regular
Noa™ Com Oblique
Noa™ Com Bold
Noa™ Com Bold Oblique
A design from Nina Lee Storm, the Noa collection features open lettershapes and a generous x-height, helping make this a legible sans serif typeface with a unique personality. Again, that’s six OpenType fonts of the Noa family for over 80% off the regular price — buy now before this limited time offer expires or sells out!

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