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Only occasionally are we graced with a font so pleasant and enjoyable to our company as the wonderfully amiable Mr. Darcy. The attractive elegance of the contemporary has been conveyed into Victorian times. Feel the call of modernity and friendliness with this antique Victorian-esque typeface. Itís gentlemanly elegance and grace commands the artboard.

The elegant Mr. Darcy is sufficiently compete with its additional characters–to be stated precisely, more than 136 defining alternates. These optional features are carefully displayed within the supplied brochure. The employ of the Mr. Darcy family moreover demands the proper implements, such as an program that supports Opentype features such as, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDRAW, or Quark. Be sure to check with the Userís Guideline for all the OpenType options and employ them with wit and vigor.

OpenType options are there to help you develop your own custom vision. Five different weights offer plenty of design options and offers the versatility of character as possessed only by a refined gentleman…or a refined typeface.

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