Monstro (20% discount, family 31,19€)

Designers: Ricardo MarcinErica Jung

Design date: 2012
Publisher: PintassilgoPrints

Monstro is a carefully hand-crafted typeface with different lettershapes on upper- and lowercase slots, although being an all-caps font. When working in OpenType savvy applications, the contextual alternates feature can take care of alternating the glyphs, preventing double letters from showing the same lettershape while bringing more spontaneity to your designs. There is also a set of stylistic alternates for added amusement: just turn on the stylistic alternates feature or pick the glyphs manually.

Monstro comes in 2 versions: sketchy and solid, both hand-drawn. And yet there is the matching picture font that brings a big bunch of irresistible monsters and other very cool graphic elements. Sans-serif and bold, useful and friendly, these fonts are quite perfect for a monsterful of purposes. I can tell that you are gonna be friends!

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71541 71542 71543 71782 71544 71545 72282 71547 71546

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