Monday (25% discount, from 12,74€)

Monday is a bold and strong script family of two weights and a matching ornament set. Monday has a polished 1950s hand lettering feeling to it and it is ideal for logo, packaging and brand design purposes.
Monday is equipped with plenty of alternates and features: To activate the alternates click on Swash, Contextual, Stylistic or Titling Alternates or Lining Figures in any OpenType Savvy program or manually choose from even more alternate characters from Glyph Palette. If you need to write in caps Monday pairs up nicely with Peaches and Cream Caps.
Monday is loosely based on Fenotypes earlier release No. Seven.
For the best price purchase the complete Monday Family.

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161381 161378 161380 161371 161377 161372 161376 161370

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