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Designers: Guisela MendozaLuciano Vergara
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Latinotype

Love story is a display hairline typeface for use in big sizes and short texts, inspired in all kind of love, specially designed for Valentine’s day. Its soft curves and sweet style give it a lovely personality.

Designed by Luciano Vergara and his wife Guisela Mendoza who has been studied the world of ornament since 2007 and has put this interest in each project, you can see in her dingbats specially Printa and Abel designed for generate patterns. Now she integrated her passion by the ornament in a clean set includes dingbats, ornaments and patterns.

Luciano Vergara has designed very strong fonts with a particular work in the line study and close to the geometry since 2005, getting a structure style, you can see in his fonts specially Regia and Kahlo. Now

he integrated his study of line, in a hairline font delicate, continuos and beautiful.

In this story both designers, been merged his worlds creating a gorgeous product.

This is a romantic type story, a love story.

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