Loft Selections (85% discount, $49/€49) is offering nine fonts from the Loft™ family for over 85% off! Normally $438, until 11:59 (EST) on November 13 be one of the first 400 customers to purchase and you’ll get this bundle for just $49/€49!

This offer includes the extra light, regular, bold, and extra bold weights of the Loft family, plus their matching italic designs. Additionally, you’ll also receive the hairline style of the family too.

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Structured and modular, the Loft family’s solid character shapes harken back to a time when type could be held in your hand. Space-efficient in lighter weights while making an increasingly stronger statement as the designs become heavier, the Loft typeface family is distinctive, versatile, and intriguing.

Again, you’ll receive nine fonts from the Loft family for over 85% off the regular price — buy now before this limited time offer expires or sells out!

Fonts in this product

  • Loft™ Std Hairline
  • Loft™ Std Extra Light
  • Loft™ Std Extra Light Italic
  • Loft™ Std Regular
  • Loft™ Std Italic
  • Loft™ Std Bold
  • Loft™ Std Bold Italic
  • Loft™ Std Extra Bold
  • Loft™ Std Extra Bold Italic

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