Kiro (30% discount, from 13,29€)

75a8258561d792bf43c977e3f2621b4a - Kiro (30% discount, from 13,29€)

30% off until Mar 4

Kiro is a minimal, simple condensed sans-serif family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and the whole family consists of 12 style: six weights from Thin to ExtraBold and their matching Italics. The range of styles provides flexibility for title, headline and body text. And the large x-heights gives them legibility and readability.
The basic skeleton was designed semi-modularly and the letterform was minimalized by removing their unnecessary stems. Their corners were finished with subtle rounded effect.
The minimalized semi-modular design gives this family contemporary urbane taste and rounded corners make this family warm and friendly.
Kiro supports almost all European languages: Western, Central, South Eastern Europeans and afrikaans. And superior figures, inferior figures, denominators, numerators and fraction can be accessed by using OpenType features.

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