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I started designing Ingra in 2007, as a derivative of a typeface specifically drawn for newspapers’ info-graphics. The earlier design of the typeface was a narrower, made in order to optimise the use of space in a newspaper setting. After a few years, I came up with the wider version for a broader range of uses, since designers already used it in different ways. After a few attempts, I left the old fonts behind and I decided to redraw it as a brand new typeface. The resulting typeface has a strong connection to its ancestor in terms of functionality, but it has a different character.

Ingra comes in 10 upright styles and three widths.

With a wide range of styles, from Hair to Extra Bold, it is well-suited for any kind of editorial, advertising, packaging or corporate design, both on print and screen.

Every Ingra style comes with a set of 1.626 characters. It includes alternate characters, all kinds of numerals, standard and a bunch of other useful ligatures, real small caps, inferior and superior letters and numbers, wide set of currency symbols and more than 240 pictograms and ornaments.

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