Hostetler Fette Ultfraktur Ornamental (20% discount, from 10,39€)

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available in all of the styles in this family:
Basic Latin/English letters

Designers: Paulo W
Design date: 2007
Publisher: Intellecta Design

I digitized and revitalize Hostetler Fette Ultfraktur Ornamental from the classical type specimen book from Rudolf Hostetler. He was a Swiss type designer, author of “The Printer’s Terms” designed by Jan Tschichold, of “Technical Terms of the Printing Industry” (5th edition was printed in 1995), and of “Type: eine Auswahl guter Drucktypen; 80 Alphabete klassischer und moderner Schriften” (Teufen, Ausser-Rhoden: Niggli, 1958). He also wrote “Type: A Selection of Types” (1949, fgm books, R. Hostettler, E. Kopley, H. Strehler Publ., St. Gallen and London) in which he highlights type made by European houses such as Haas, Enschedé, Deberny and Nebiolo. Jost Hochuli wrote his biography.

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