HAVE A NICE DAY (from $15.00)

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Designers: Cindy Kinash
Design date: 2012
Publisher: Cultivated Mind

available in all of the styles:
Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics

only available in some of the styles:
Euro Ligatures Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian Dingbats & Symbols

Have A Nice Day is a handwritten font created by Cindy Kinash. This font features three font styles (Basic/Tall/Wide) and comes in three weights (Light/Regular/Bold). All three font styles can be used together as one unique and fun font!

This font also includes a set of fun hand drawn ornaments like smiley faces, flowers, leaves, insects, frames, captions, desserts, food, clouds, and catchwords that will surely brighten your day! Enjoy!

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81137 81136 81141 81140 115198 81138 81139 81142

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