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Harman (50% discount, family 47€)

50% off until Jun 8

Designers: Ahmet Altun
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Ahmet Altun

Harman Font Family includes Seven fonts and their inline forms that have different styles from each other but at the same time compatible with together. This font collection is completely hand-made. In addition it includes very useful extra elements.

The word “Harman” is a Turkish word meaning the blend in English.

Harman Font Family Collection was designed carefully to create the elegant typographic works. It would be a perfect choice to design posters, affiches, logos, t-shirt and magazine prints, eye-pleasing typographic designs and more.

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148184 - Harman (50% discount, family 47€)148182 - Harman (50% discount, family 47€)149324 - Harman (50% discount, family 47€)148181 - Harman (50% discount, family 47€)148185 - Harman (50% discount, family 47€)

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