FTY SPEEDY CASUAL (60% discount, 6,80€)

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Designers: Michael Gene Adkins
Design date: 2013
Publisher: The Fontry

You can’t go through life all rigid and uptight. You need to relax. Find some casual time. Or lean it
hard right if you want to go FAST! Either way, this old-fashioned casual will get you there in a hot hurry.
Or maybe you really do just want to go slow and upright, which surely can’t be true. We all have a secret urge to lean it into the wind and push that old tin hoopty as hard as she’ll run. Well, no matter how you decide to use it, this is the font for the job. SPEEDY CASUAL is a throwback to the hand-lettered days of hotrods without fenders and the showcards that extolled their virtues at the local car shows. Luckily SPEEDY is a lot less messy to handle, because you don’t need a paint brush to get this lettering to work!

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