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Design date: 2014
Publisher: Homelessfonts

Homelessfonts is an initiative by the Arrels foundation to support, raise awareness and bring some dignity to the life of homeless people in Barcelona Spain. Each of the fonts was carefully digitized from the handwriting of different homeless people who agreed to participate in this initiative.

Please Note: these fonts include only the latin alphabet; no accented characters, no numbers or punctuation.

MyFonts is pleased to donate all revenue from the sales of Homelessfonts to the Arrels foundation in support of their mission to provide the homeless people in Barcelona with a path to independence with accommodations, food, social and health care.

The world is a very big place, the world is for travelling. And that’s what Francisco did, travel. Though born in Spain, he was raised in Brazil, where he worked as a graphic designer. He spent years hitchhiking round South America, his eagerness to see and learn new things preventing him from settling in one place. He returned to Spain an old man, to find his roots. Francisco never dreamed he’d end up in the street: “The experience of the street has taken away my vanity,” or that he would grow as a person there. “The only thing I’ve learnt in life is that in life you have to learn, because if you spend your life without learning you haven’t lived.” In Barcelona, the street changed his life and taught him just how tough it can be. Tough, but full of good people. He says that’s the best thing about the street.

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