Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)

50000e23d59fe4fbd1622b0cea069c01 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)

Geometrical drawing of Fenomen Sans typeface goes back to the roots of the Bauhaus aesthetics and the entire architectural and design avant-garde of the 20th century. It is still a symbol of functional rationality, clean aesthetics in relation to shape, and of progressive thinking. Its popularity is timeless and permanent. The set contains eight basic alphabets of a square pattern, eight semicondensed, eight condensed and eight extremely condensed alphabets, all in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Every font of the family has four types of numerals, small caps and variant letters. The typesetting can fluently use all fonts simultaneously. The typeface originated between the years 2011–2014 and was subjected to a series of tests for the fluent legibility of narrow fonts even in extreme conditions. Narrow fonts provide this set with the maximum use also for newspaper typesetting. The typeface has an elegant, delicate design in thin fonts and sufficient legibility in bold. Mutual contrast produces creative tension. The Sans designation implies that the Serif version is under development.

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e6d4dff967e44612ceb4d63d85b91f10 580x290 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)dd04e6a50da995bacda857c9af7d4d36 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)d0e86323be5c7fe65fd1a2d89252759b - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)b36ff51311ff3ce94671d307298b8f7c - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)ad1d84cb6ec9cf8e007def31665556de - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)94b6bdb72cd25a87042a44e6cdd7d7f0 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)5d94cfc033d103caf49740d7a2851488 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)661481900442b544328d1e6c9de451f5 - Fenomen Sans (50% discount, from 16€)

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