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available in all of the styles in this family:
Basic Latin/English letters  West European diacritics  Euro  Ligatures  Dingbats & Symbols

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Any OpenType Features  Small Caps  Central Europe  Baltic  Turkish  Romanian  OpenType Swash  Other OpenType

Estragon is a vivid sans-serif text face with venetian influences, suitable especially for books. It is remarkable for: its light slant, to the right, for most of the verticals, its small sized uppercase letters making it suitable for languages where they are often used (for example German,) and its just lightly inclined true italics.

For a wide language support, Estragon contains a lot of accented characters including the polish kreska. It is generously equipped with ligatures, special and alternate characters as well as various kinds of numbers: besides the standard old-style figures to be set as part of text copy there are small-cap and tabular numbers as well as a set of fraction figures. Estragon comes with two weights, uprights and true italics, each with small-caps.

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