Escoffier Capitaux (45% discount, $10.58)

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Designers: steve mehallo
Design date: 2008
Publisher: steve mehallo

Escoffier Capitaux is named for culinary legend Auguste Escoffier (1846-35) and inspired by lettering used in vintage French advertising – including the work of commercial illustrator/fashion designer Ernst Dryden (1887-1938)


a hearty serving of 1960s ligatures influenced by the work of Herb Lubalin (1918-81) as well as a twist of Claude Garamond (1480ish-1561)


featuring many alternate characters and extravagant extras, Escoffier Capitaux is enough to fill out your menu, add zest to your cook book, greeting card, resume or just the right amount of sauce to your blog.


No substitutions, please. Minimum service per person. Warning: May taste gamey.

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