Elise (30% discount, from 0€)

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Designers: Alex Liebold
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Context

Elise is a sweet natured, layered display typeface, with a few layers but a wealth of options. From the feminine to the fun to the nostalgic, Elise is a capable and personable set. Best used BIG and with color, you’ll always find an occasion for Elise’s charm.

To use this typeface, once you have your copy in place in the design program of your choice, copy your text block and paste it directly on top of your existing text block. Set this new text block to a different Elise layer and voila! You’ll already start to see some interesting effects take place. In some cases, different effects are achieved by bringing The Elise Ribbed layer to the front or to the back.

Also available is a free ornament set to get you started.

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