Eastburgh (from $0)

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Designers: Jean Paul Beumer
Design date: 2011
Publisher: Omashuisje

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Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro Ligatures

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Any OpenType Features Small Caps

Eastburgh is a bit upscale, but also a pragmatic character, as one who loves beautiful things. Good food but no frills. A good conversation with friends while enjoying a drink, the latter in moderation. Athletic as it is, it happily wears sturdy shoes that can take a beating – it provides a stable sense and it makes you feel comfortable while walking your dog in the Dutch polders. Eastburgh has a sense of humor with its frolic e and busty g, Y and y. It is somewhat cocky with his tight j, f and J and the stinging A, W, V, W, V and M. And then the N, which is not to be pushed around: simultaneously blunt and sharp.

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