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Designers: Trine Rask
Design date: 2006
Publisher: Trine Rask
MyFonts debut: Mar 8, 2010

Warning: only works with contextual alternate-feature.

Covergirl is a script typeface that works all by itself. It has a very high contrast, but also works in smaller sizes. It is a display typeface. Covergirl is based on the handwriting of Trine’s mother. The basic shapes are transformed into a very high-contrast, strict form and the hairline runs through the words in an amusing, lively way that simulates the writing by hand. It’s Scandinavian designed handwriting — decorated, but also very minimalistic.

While typing, the letters will be substituted by one of the variations of the letter, making sure that the letters connect well. When writing in only UPPERCASE a much more simple letter shape will substitute the default.

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