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Couture has taken years to come to fruition. We cannot say it is a dutiful revival of Imre Reiner’s Corvinus—a typeface that has always had a soft spot in many of our hearts for its quirkiness and eccentricities. It’s not. What it is is a reassessment of all of the things that made Corvinus great, distilled in a logical, consistent system.

From this system sprang two wonderfully delicate pursuits: Couture and Couture Sans.

Long forgotten is the obliqued cursiv and in its place, a new italic has been introduced—carrying with it its own set of quirks and beauty. There’s a hint of the past, a subtle homage to the canon of early modern and Art Deco type, but it does not remained bound to it for long. Each typeface… long, slender, curvy… as if pulled from the pages of a fashion magazine, brings with it a whole new level of sass and style.

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