Core Paint (60% discount, from 6,80€)

Core Paint is a texture type family inspired by the action painting created by Jackson Pollock. There are two sub-families named A and B. Core Paint A is a texture font family that has to be used together with others. Core Paint B is a textured font family that can be used solely or together with A family. With layering these different texture styles, you can create various combinations of textures. According to color variations, also you can create more complex textured typefaces and unique artworks.
Core Paint Family supports complete Basic Latin, Cyrillic, Central European, Turkish, Baltic character sets.
Each font includes proportional figures, tabular figures, numerators, denominators, superscript, scientific inferiors, subscript, fractions and case features.
This family is really nice for book titles, headlines, logotypes and any artworks.

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151719 151721 151720 151722 151717 151723 151725 151718 151716

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