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available in all of the styles in this family:
Unicode  Multilingual  Any OpenType Features  Basic Latin/English letters  West European diacritics  Euro  Central Europe  Baltic  Turkish  Vietnamese  Phonetic  Cyrillic  Greek Modern  Hebrew

Cogan was especially designed by Leandro Ribeiro. Created in 2014, this font family has been designed to serve sectors like financial services, modern industries, business and many other activities who needs a modern aspect in their communication. Its square proportions make the design very readable at a wide range of sizes. Has a aspect of unique futuristic look and is a very practical choice for moderns headlines, branding, title and text. The family contains a unique stylistic set for titles and is available in 5 weights with corresponding italics. It supports OpenType and offers multilingual support Europeans including Greek and Cyrillic.

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155138 155146 155141 155140 155142 155139

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